First Visit to Bookay-Ukay

I’d been wanting to go to Bookay-Ukay since college when I saw a photo about it on a social networking site, but never had the chance since it was far from home and I had no one interested enough to go with me. Then came last year and I thought I finally found that perfect Bookay-Ukay buddy, but sadly, our bridges burned a few weeks after we agreed on going there together. I couldn’t brave the big Quezon City on a search for it alone so I thought my desire for book-hunting at the store went to ashes along with my “incinerated” friendship.

But then at the start of the year, I went excited ’cause my friend and fellow blogger invited me to visit Bookay-Ukay. So without hesitation, a date was marked on the calendar.

Bookay-Ukay 01

To give a good picture of what the store is about and why I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to it, let me explain its name. Bookay-Ukay is a play of words certainly thought of by its lovers-of-words owners. “Book” and “ukay-ukay”, those are the two terms. “Book”, we have no problem about its description, but “ukay-ukay” is a  Filipino term for “thrift store“, so put them together, and we’ll know that the shop sells second-hand books that are still in good condition.

Since settling in Maginhawa St in 2008, it has been visited by cool and book-loving celebrities like Saab Magalona and Mercedes Cabral. Not that I want to look and be labeled cool, I’m actually proud to border on the nerd side, but Bookay-Ukay is a must-visit simply because it has books. And cheaper ones, I must say.

I didn’t know it was so easy to get there, but still, I wouldn’t know how to if not for my friend who frequented the area back in college (She studied at Miriam College and its near there.). We met at SM City North EDSA and took a jeepney ride to Quezon City Hall from its terminal for 8 pesos each person. After that, we walked to the side of National Housing Authority and told the driver of the first tricycle in line to drop us at the restaurant Tomato Kick for 17 pesos for two persons. As soon as we got off the tricycle, we were greeted by a two-storey old commercial building, and looking at the right side of its second floor is the sign of Bookay-Ukay. We finally arrived.

Contrary to what I imagined, the store is quite small, in fact, it’s only a room full of books. Perhaps I visualized it to be like those giant bookstores Fully Booked and National Book Store, which was so wrong of me. But at least its interiors speak of what it offers, unlike the formality and plainness of its rival book thrift store Booksale. The green wall on the left is filled with doodles and other stuff like a poster of local pop punk band Kamikazee, and the shelves just below contains other stuff sold in the store like magazines, CDs, and wall clocks which numbers are in counter clockwise. On the counter next to it are key chains from Pop Relief.

Bookay-Ukay 02

Bookay-Ukay 07

Bookay-Ukay 08

Then after those, everywhere else was filled with nothing but books, books, and yes, books on the shelves resting on the remaining walls and even on the floor. Just the perfect haven for book lovers like me and my friend.

Books on the wall

Books on the wall

Books on the floor

Books on the floor

For some time, my friend and I seemed strangers to each other as we both engaged in separate solitary quests for the books we like. From novels, both local and international, to medical books, Bookay-Ukay has second-hand books for everyone.

While I was busy on my hunt, a couple entered the shop and as the guy looked through the shelves, I heard him mutter to his girlfriend in Filipino something like, “I’ll be out of budget again because of books.” Hello there, fellow bookworm! Nice to meet ya! I wanted to tell him, but of course, that’d be crazy. hehe.

Bookay-Ukay 05Bookay-Ukay 04

At the end, I wasn’t able to buy myself a book (Booo! Shame on me!) as I remembered my pile of unread books at home and how I’ll just decrease the chances of finally reading them if I buy more. At least now I know where Bookay-Ukay is. Meanwhile, my friend was able to buy two books for only 350 pesos. She got James Clavell’s Shōgun and Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha, and she was very happy with her finds.

My friend and fellow blogger, Claa ( with her two new books

My friend and fellow blogger, Claa (, with her two new books (Photo grabbed from her)

Are you a fellow bookworm who loves to hoard and read books for less? Visit Bookay-Ukay today and satisfy your book addiction! 😀



55 Maginhawa St, UP Village
Diliman, Quezon City
Mobile #: 0905.428.3125
Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 1pm – 12pm, daily

What’s Small but Terrible? It’s Cherry Mobile’s P8!

Amid the people crowding and drooling over big and technologically advanced cellular phones from giant companies, my friend and I showcased our uniqueness and went for the small and cute, yet surprisingly capable one from a starting local firm.

Cherry Mobile P8 - 1,199 pesos

Cherry Mobile’s P8 – 1,199 pesos

It all started when my friend-slash-officemate came to my place at work and excitedly told me about a cute phone she saw the other day that she thought would match our unique taste. It was the Cherry Mobile P9 and we searched for it on the Internet and it really was cute and totally inexpensive. We promised each other we would buy one each as part of the signs of our friendship, but on our next pay day because it wasn’t part of our budget as of then.

Then came weekend and we went to one of her cousin’s home and saw her niece’s phone which looked like the one we ought to buy soon. We borrowed it, placed it on our palms and got impressed with its size, then checked its features out, and since then we couldn’t get it off our minds.

So when Monday arrived, we looked for the phone in Eastwood during office lunch break, then SM Megamall after work. It was quite a frustrating hunt, with every store had it out of stock, until we saw the Cherry Mobile booth in SM Megamall’s Cyberzone, and then YES! We saw our perfect phone! Not the P9, though, but P8 which is actually better. P9 looks like a calculator, while P8’s like a toy but really, really cute and more of an eye candy.

The Pros 


Cherry Mobile’s P8 is a tiny gadget packed with goodies. At the price of 1,199 pesos, you get a dual SIM phone that is also MMS, WAP, and GPRS capable. Then though its colored LCD is only 1.44 inches, its user can still view photos taken from its 1.3 MP camera and if one wants to, can transfer them to a computer since P8 also has a Micro SD slot that can accommodate up to 4GB! And the camera has options for: photo size, night mode, brightness, contrast, exposure, white balance, and effect. Nice, huh?

Not only those, who would’ve thought that such a small phone has Bluetooth, FM radio, can play audio and video, and even record voice and video? Almost everyone I showed it to in the office find it really impressive and one even already bought her own.

And with all the dangers on the streets expensive phones bring their owners, Cherry Mobile P8 offers no risk at all. I can wave mine freely everywhere without any fear that some bad guy or two would take it away from me. I’m too confident about this since I don’t think snatchers would sell their souls to the devil for such a price. hehe.

It’s also available in various colors: pink, blue, white, black, green, grey, white, and yellow.

The Cons

CM P8 04

Now there’s a downside to everything. Due to its size, this phone is not advisable to people with big thumbs ’cause they’ll surely have a hard time with it. And the keypad isn’t QWERTY, which means if you are to type letter O, for instance, you will have to click, click, click on key 6 first to get it, then click, click on key 9 for letter X.

When it comes to sounds, P8 is quite decent until you listen to music through its earphones–Errr… That is if you have ears like mine, that which is sensitive when it comes to what has good quality and what hasn’t. But if your ears aren’t, I guess it wouldn’t be a bother.

And if you’re into applications, obviously this isn’t for you. In fact, I think I have decided to make this my phone because I have an Apple iPod Touch, and only the SMS-sending capability is missing in it, so P8 is the perfect fit for that gap.

If you don’t mind the few negatives, you can definitely go for this phone and I recommend it. 🙂

CM P8 02

Established in 2009, Cherry Mobile is fairly new to the local IT business but it already managed to snag the IT Company of the Year award at the 2010 CyberPress Awards.

My friend and I with our Cherry Mobile P8. (Photo grabbed from Boss Deth Alegre)

My friend and I with our Cherry Mobile P8. (Photo grabbed from Boss Deth Alegre)

Bat those Pretty Lashes for Less!

A lot of women spend thousands for beauty, but who says the budget-conscious cannot achieve the same charm?

If you want that beautiful eyelashes but don’t know where to get an affordable one, you can head to a Tickles store today for a mascara that only costs 65 pesos. Yes, you read that right, and for that price, you can get the volume and length of eyelashes that you desire.

The said mascara, very much similar to Bourjois’ mascara (Only that below the word “Volumizer” is not the brand but “XXL” and beneath it is “Kiss Beauty”), along with some lip balms and lipsticks in cute tubes, are located at the cashier area of the store. Just a little information for those who don’t know Tickles, though: The store isn’t a beauty shop, instead, it sells novelty and cute stuff like eye masks and wallets with eye-catching designs, and more that’ll surely make you want to come back and buy some more.

A very affordable two-step volumizer mascara.

A very affordable two-step volumizer mascara.

Applying the Volumizer mascara to the eyelashes has two simple steps:


Volumizer Mascara Step 1

Volumizer Mascara Step 1

This mascara is like a magic in a tube. Just twist the Step 1 cap and you will see a thin brush (I swear, the brush on the photo above should be thinner. I don’t know what happened.). This does nothing much except for separating the lashes and lengthening them a bit as it prepares them for the next step.


Step 2

Volumizer Mascara Step 2

Then there comes the next step when you twist open the Step 2 cap.  This is actually a wonder since the tube only has one brush, but pull the Step 1 cap, put it back, and then pull the Step 2 cap, and you’ll see the difference in thickness of mascara on the brush. I’ve known this product for more than a year but I still ask myself how that happened until now.

Anyway, Step 2 is the one that volumizes and lengthens the eyelashes for that dramatic look. What’s good with this product is that it causes no unnecessary clumps, it is easy to remove, as in it doesn’t make the lashes fall off, all that at a very affordable price.


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure you make your lashes beautiful for that perfect first impression. If you want to visit the nearest Tickles store to you, check out the following information:



Tickles – TriNoMA
Level 1 Trinoma, North Avenue Corner EDSA, Quezon City
Tel. No. (632) 900.0284

Tickles – Shangri-La Plaza
3/F Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA Corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. (632) 633.4443

Tickles – Glorietta 4
2/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. No. (632) 817.8946


So buy this Two-Step Volumizer mascara now so you can bat those pretty lashes for less! 😉

AERIAL 7’s Bullet: Great Sounds, Great on the Pocket

Music is life. So make sure you get a good one.

Photo grabbed from AERIAL 7's site

Photo grabbed from AERIAL 7‘s site

Based on my experience with the two iPods I have bought so far—one is the third generation iPod nano and the other is the fourth generation iPod Touch—I can say that Apple doesn’t exactly offer the best partners for its iPod products. The former gadget’s earphones was broken after a year of usage, while the other was just in four months. Sad, but maybe that’s just the way they are. At least this writer who has the reputation for being a barbaric owner can guarantee the products’ durability.

Because of this, I have found myself buying numerous affordable yet above average-quality earphones from time to time and so far, the best among them is the AERIAL 7’s Bullet in-ear earbuds, a pair with ground-breaking bass at an incredibly affordable price of only 660 pesos. It comes with different stylish color combinations: The Circuit with colors white, black, and red, Dark Rasta with black, red, green, and yellow, Tantrum with pink, grey, and white, Storm with purple, blue, black, and yellow, Azzurro, and Shade with colors grey and black.

Plugging it up in your ears would allow you to listen to the stereo quality of your favorite music for AERIAL 7’s Bullet boasts of its excellent sound reproduction and in-ear buds to make sure that no external sounds can be heard. Its package also comes with four optional size ear gels for a sure fit to your ears, and its cable is both soft and pliable giving you comfort whenever you use it.

If you want to listen to music with style and great sound quality at a budget price today, AERIAL 7’s Bullet in-ear earbuds is the perfect companion for you portable music.


*Article originally published here.

That Adorable Little Coin Purse

EGG coin purse 2

Coins may not be as big as paper bills, but they sure deserve some perky tiny pouch, don’t they? With that, I present to you my latest cute possession, a coin purse from Egg, a local shop that caters the youth with its trendy and colorful bags and pouches! 🙂

Made of synthetic leather, this Egg item is an eye candy not just for its bright red color, but also for its attractive, creative design. On the side where the decoration is usually placed is a cute ribbon with a touch of color brown, while the other side serves as the bottom, all of which gives the impression of a small gift that’s always inviting you to unwrap. And here’s the twist: Unlike other coin purses, its opening is at the adorned side, just under the ribbon.

What you do is simply unfasten the snap button, then you are welcomed inside the pouch, wide open, giving your eyes the access to every coin inside it–which I think is a pro of this purse. This kind of opening gives its user the ease compared to those which openings are on the seam–either with the use of zipper or something else–that results in you fumbling your fingers inside such a small storage, hoping you’re getting the right change you need.

So what do you think about it, a must-have, huh? 🙂

This coin purse first captured my fancy, and my package friend‘s as well, in November. But since we didn’t have the budget for it then, we just promised that we would buy two of them together on a pay day.

We almost forgot about it, until recently when I went to Egg’s SM Megamall branch, saw a bunch of them on one side, decided to buy two, and gave the pink with beige one as an early Christmas present for my friend.

At the price of 200 pesos, you can also give this coin purse to your friends and relatives this Yuletide season, or if you think it’s too cute, you can also buy one for yourself! There’s also a wide selection of other items which you can choose from when you visit one of its branches.

Not sure if your favorite mall has Egg? You can check out the list below for Egg’s branches and their details.

EGG Coin Purse


Egg – Cedar
G/F Cedar Executive Bldg, Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
Tel. No. (632) 836.7053

Egg – Marquee Mall
Level 2 (Home Zone), Marquee Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga
Tel. No. (045) 304.0572 / (045) 304.0557

Egg – SM City Baguio
2/F SM City Baguio, Session Road, Baguio City
Tel. No. (074) 304.1573

Egg – SM City Manila
LGF SM City Manila
Tel. No. (632) 522.1898

Egg – SM City Marilao
G/F SM City Marilao, Marilao, Bulacan
Tel. No. (044) 933.2138

Egg – SM City North, The Annex
3/F The Annex, SM City North Edsa, Quezon City
Tel. No. (632) 441.1787

Egg – SM City Pampanga
G/F SM City Pampanga, San Fernando, Pampanga
Tel. No. (045) 875.1847

Egg – SM Mall of Asia
2/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel. No. (632) 556.0799

Egg – SM Megamall
LGF Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. (632) 687.3508

Egg – TriNoma Mall
3/F Trinoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City
Tel. No. (632) 900.7065

Outlet Store: FMF Business Center, Level C, 126 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City


You may also visit Egg’s website at: or like its Facebook page to find out more of its offerings online!

Visit Egg today! 😀

Anything But Ordinary Wallets

One idle work day, my friend-slash-colleague got so bored we were willing to do anything to kill time.

So with all the office supplies in the office, we decided to get our creativity going. She tore some papers from her notebook, while I rummaged through our file of received mails and found an empty envelope, cut here, and folded there, then…


We went green and created masterpiece wallets, complete with pockets for money, receipts, cards, and business cards, from used materials. Aren’t we amazing? :3

Right after finishing our recycled wallets. We’re so happy with the results! 🙂

Just kidding. Both of us are way too focused and hardworking to have any free time at work. 😛

In a time when Mother Nature has been pleading for help, we join the advocacy for being environmentally friendly without sacrificing fun, creativity, and quality.

What we’re holding on the photos above are actually Airmail– and 3 Ring Binder-inspired wallets called Mighty Wallet from Brooklyn-based company, Dynomighty Design. These quirky money holders, which are available in various graphics, are 100% eco-friendly, tear-resistant, water-resistant, and stain resistant.

Airmail and 3 Ring Binder Mighty Wallets upclose

First sold at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a Mighty Wallet is made up of a single sheet of super strong microfiber material called Tyvek, merely folded and not stitched, making it one incredible thin wallet that is expandable enough to store as much stuff you need. The material is the same with that for express mail envelopes, but thicker, to ensure durability. The inks used are also guaranteed eco-friendly.

But if its designs are cool, deceiving, and are perfect for people who love making pranks, its proclaimed strength has met questioning facial expressions from officemates we showed our new wallets to.

Looks like an innocent envelope lying on my desk. hehe

In doubt of Mighty Wallet’s sturdiness? Its packaging, except for the plastic, and a paper containing informative information which is inserted in the wallet itself, are also Tyvek material. If you’re lucky to get a hold of any of these, you can try tearing it with all your power, but I’m very confident that you won’t be able to. Except perhaps if you will use a pair of scissors. There will be wrinkles on the spot, but it will be far from being ripped.

You can also spill water on it and even on the wallet, but not too much as the money and business cards inside are surely not made of Tyvek, and you’ll see how a paper amazingly resists the liquid. Its name speaks of the truth, they’re mighty wallets, indeed.

Christmas is coming very soon and I know you’re already thinking of and buying presents for your loved ones. How about this? In this Philippines, it is sold at Quirks Novelties and Curiosities at Rockwell Center, Makati City for 696.43 pesos. You can visit the store for more designs, or for your convenience, you may click here.

With our love for anything unique, my friend and I are definitely happy with our new wallets! 🙂

Pucker Up those Healthy Lips :*

It was just in April of this year when I started wearing lipstick.

My officemate, who is a close friend and a long-time wearer of red lipsticks, had convinced us, her lady co-workers, to buy inexpensive lippies from NYX online. At first, I wasn’t interested in joining the craze, thinking my lips are way too dry for it and that wearing one would be very uncomfortable.

But then my friend pointed to NYX Round Lipstick in Indian Pink and said it would look great on me since its light color fits my “demure” image. I considered what she said for a few minutes, then I thought, hey, it’s only 135 pesos, so why not try it for a change.

NYX Round Lipstick in Indian Pink (Photo by Champy Cachola)

So the purchase was made and I got my first. ever. lipstick. Oh boy, it’s kinda embarrassing, but it did look good on me and even on my other colleague who also bought the same shade. It makes one’s face bloom!

The Tale of the Lipstick Addict

That NYX shade became my official lip color for a few months except when I felt like using the NARS lipstick my close friend gave me some time when we transferred to another job.

Then one July night,  a seductive little catalogue arrived home with the letters A, V, O, and N on its cover page. I flipped through its contents and was completely hypnotized. And so, it was then when my love for lipsticks was born. I got two from it, was sated, then I bought another one from MAC. I thought of trying a red shade, but I was afraid it wouldn’t look good on me, so to be safe, I purchased a very affordable one from the local brand Fashion 21, then I bought another from a foreign brand, until voilà! I already have a lipstick collection!

It is true that mothers know best, though. When my mom noticed that I buy lipsticks like I was simply changing clothes, she suggested that I stop because it was getting too impractical. She said that there are other better stuff that I can use my hard-earned cash with. I got her point, and it had sense, and so like your regular obedient child, I took her advice. Whew!

Okay, I confess. It didn’t stop there. Just this month, I bought Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick in Vermilion on a whim. I have this Avon dealer co-worker who always brings her catalogue to the office, and I saw this other officemate deciding on what to buy, then BOOM, I guess you know what happened next. I told it to my mom, and as she was about to say something, I quickly interjected that it was only 199 pesos, and that I promise that this time around, it’s really, really, really, really, reeeeaaaalllllyyyy the last. Hehe. Really now… >.<

Taking Good Care of Your Lips

With dry lips and a great lip color come great responsibility (Whoa. Who would’ve thought it would be just like being Spiderman? O_o).

Lips should be kept healthy so you can confidently pout like this! Just kidding. >.< Next photo please…

As I said above, I wasn’t into lippies before because I have dry lips (Along with my dry hair, dry skin, and dry eyes. Dry everything.). So just imagine yourself in my shoes. You’re on your way to work and you’re wearing a noticeable fuchsia pink lipstick. You’re so happy about it, but after a while, you feel your lips are getting dry. You’re tempted to lick it but doing so will erase what’s on so you act like a martyr who has mastered the art of self-control for the sake of beauty.

Then there comes a cute guy from the opposite direction and he is kind of looking at you. He is your type so you smile at him until you suddenly realize that he may be looking at the horror that is your now chapped fuchsia pink-colored lips. So what happens next is you look away in shame. Not a very good sight for him, not a very good sight, indeed. Tsk tsk. And you just ruined that potential love affair before it even started. (Note: This is purely fictional, okay? There’s no way I can smile to the guy I like like that. 😛 ) Fantastic. Simply fantastic.

Devastated, you mull over stopping painting your lips ’cause it’s turning into a discomfort. Yet just like anything else, once you start with it, you can never live without it ever again. So you need another option for this little challenge.

But what may it be? Thanks to the pieces of information I got all over the Internet, I now know. If you’re also a lipstick wearer but have lips that are always dehydrated, you may want to continue reading for useful tips on how to take care of your lips without causing you a fortune.

Aside from the dry lips itself, there are lipsticks which formulas are very drying and hot on the lips like that one I got from Shiseido. So add those two up and you get double pain in the neck. The solution? Simply put lip balm first about three minutes before you apply your lipstick. That way, it wouldn’t only moisturize your lips, it’ll also make it shimmery (That is, if you’re into that kind of lips).

Then before going to bed every night, always put petroleum jelly on and leave it overnight to achieve that soft duckface-worthy lips.

… Or like this! The “sexy” way, if it can be called that. hahaha This is getting too shameful, this blog entry is turning into my vanity pout page. :’) My apologies. Last photo please…

But applying those on your lips isn’t enough, for just like the skin all over your body, your lips should be stripped off of the dead skin cells to expose those healthy live ones. There are several simple ways to exfoliate the lips:

1. Toothbrush. After brushing your teeth, put a small amount of toothpaste, petroleum jelly, or nothing at all on your toothbrush, and gently rub it on your lips in circular motions. Do this for one to two minutes, then put petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips afterward.

Among the exfoliation methods, this is the only one that I do since it promotes no bother. I brush my teeth thrice a day with the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste (just like everybody else), so the only extra stuff that’s needed is another few minutes to my brushing time, that’s all. There’s no way I would forget it or I would be lazy ’cause all the essentials are with me thrice a day. 😀

2. Sugar. Mix sugar with olive oil or petroleum jelly. Use it as a scrub and gently rub it to your lips in circular motions using your fingertips. After rinsing off with warm water, don’t forget to put petroleum jelly on your lips.

3. Baking Soda. Mix baking soda with water until it resembles a paste. Put it on your lips, then with the use of a toothbrush or your bare fingertips, rub it gently in circular motions for a few minutes, then rinse it off with water. To moisturize your lips, do not forget to apply petroleum jelly.

4. Honey and Sugar. Make a scrub of honey and sugar by mixing both and applying it to your lips, again, in circular motions. Let it stay on for a few minutes, then rinse it off with water. Honey is known to be a natural moisturizer, so by using this method, you won’t need to apply petroleum jelly anymore.

So those are the four simple and budget-friendly steps to exfoliate the lips. Whatever method you choose, as long as it’ll get rid of the dead skin on your lips, go, go, go, I support you! haha.

Serious mode. Of course, a duckface is more fun and better done with a close friend who has equally healthy lips. Meet Mao, the person who persuaded me to wear lippy. 🙂 (Photo by Champy Cachola)

Oh, I almost forgot. Wearing lipstick did something good to me aside from the aesthetics. It stopped me from licking my lips whenever I feel like its very dry. Did you know that saliva evaporates fast making your lips drier than before you lick it? If you don’t, well now you know. That’s all. Hope this entry helped you if you have the same problem as mine. 🙂