Memories of Puerto Galera

As we grow older, we realize the importance not only of our friends and loved ones but also of collecting memories with them.  After all, nothing beats the feeling of reminiscing the good times.

Just two days after the new year, my highschool friends and I packed our bags and headed to Puerto Galera off the island of Mindoro for some unforgettable time of our lives. The trip was something we had anticipated for a long time not just because of the place’s rumored beauty, but also because with more than a decade of friendship, it was our first ever bonding experience in such a far away place. And mind you, it wasn’t easy to find the perfect date for our little adventure what with our busy schedules and one was even going back to the US in just a couple of days.

Getting There
Puerto Galera is a municipal in the province of Oriental Mindoro and is one of the beautiful tourist spots and developed beach resort communities in the Philippines’ biggest island, Luzon. It is 130 kilometers or 81 miles away from Manila and going there requires travelling by sea.

With its location and the fact that none of us has a car, five of us decided to meet at 3am in Shaw Blvd, then the other three outside the Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City so we could ride the bus to Batangas port early, then to the boat that would bring us to Oriental Mindoro. But the time didn’t go as planned as our friend, Jocelyn, arrived at around  3:45am.

Puerto Galera 01

Yuko on the left, Ernestine on right, and I in the middle, pose for the camera outside Shangri-La Mall at the intersection of Shaw Blvd and EDSA at around 3 in the morning while waiting for our friend, Jocelyn.

Everything was still cool though, as we’re not a bunch of hot-headed individuals. We just laughed the matter off ’cause something like that does happen all the time. And besides, we reached the bus terminal in Buendia, Pasay and rode a Jam Liner bus to Batangas still quite early at around 4:05am. The bus left at 5am where people like me who didn’t get the chance to sleep–as in I wasn’t able to close my eyes even just for a bit. It was still a weekday so I had to finish a task for work to avoid anything else to think about while on vacation–to take some nap.

Puerto Galera 02

Meet the gang while in the bus: (From top left) Yuko, Meynard, Rajiv, Me, (Bottom left) Lover Boy (Magie’s boyfriend), Magie, Ernestine, and Jocelyn. 😉

At 7am, it was time for some stretching at the Batangas port. As obvious tourists, a couple of agents came to us convincing us to choose their ferries over the others. In the end, we chose Father and Son Shipping Line (FSL), which we thought had the best price and would drop us at a Puerto Galera port nearer to our accommodation. The round trip fare each was 450 pesos, plus 50 pesos terminal fee, 30 pesos Environmental fee, and 10 pesos for the Terminal fee going back. The ferry was to leave at 7:30am, just a few minutes after we arrived. Not bad. Or so that’s what we think.

Puerto Galera 03

Photo opportunity at the Batangas port.

Puerto Galera 04

It was while waiting for our boarding time to the boat when Rajiv started receiving endless phone calls from co-workers which made us call him the “Call Center Agent”. 😛

Puerto Galera 05.1

Meet the Father and Son Shipping Line boat.

Puerto Galera 05.2

Inside the ferry. Quite spacious and the white paint gives it the air of being clean.

Puerto Galera 05.3

It was all a hoax if there wasn’t any evidence. SMILE multiple times! 😀

The one-hour ferry ride was quite smooth according to my adventurous and dare-devil standards.

Hello, Puerto Galera!
We arrived at the Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera at around 10 am, where FSL gave us a free service to our resort at Palangan Bay View Beach Resort, which is about 30 minutes away from the go-to places in the area. It was Yuko and me who chose the resort from the two options we found at the group-buying site TCAT. It was valued at only 599 pesos for a two-day-and-one-night stay each person so both of us were very much elated and proud when we saw the place and it was actually very beautiful. And since it wasn’t peak season, we had the whole place all to ourselves like it was a private resort.

Puerto Galera 07.1

WE’RE HERE!!! Another evidence. 😛

Puerto Galera 07.2

The resort guy, that one wearing a red orange shirt, checking the vouchers which Yuko handed him.

Puerto Galera 7.3

Look! There’s that wild but friendly-looking boar which stayed with us at the resort. 😀

Puerto Galera 08

CHECK OUT THE RESORT! NICE, ISN’T? OUR EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT. (Yes, all caps to emphasize that I’m very happy with our chosen resort!)

Because we only had two days in Puerto Galera, we made sure no time was wasted. So after some picture-taking, we started changing into our swimwears so we could immediately head to the white beach. The resort was far from it so the resort personnel offered its round trip transportation service that costs 600 pesos. There was no other way we could get to our destination so we agreed with the price.

Puerto Galera 09

Sexy red lips for all the girls! I’m in love with lipsticks! And since they’re my friends, I “inspired” them to wear red lippy by lending them my tube! haha 😀 LOVE IT!

Puerto Galera 10.1

This is the Palangan Bay View Beach Resort service.

Puerto Galera 10

We looked like refugees with red lips for the whole 30-minute ride to the white beach. No, actually, make that an hour since it took another 30 minutes on the way back. 😛 It was a fun-filled ride, nevertheless.

We were starving when we got to the place so the first thing we did was look for the perfect place to eat at. Which led us to the White Beach Resort Bar and Restaurant. I can’t remember the food we ordered there, except for the sweet shrimp dish that I totally disliked (I love shrimps but I don’t have sweet tooth), so I guess nothing’s remarkable in that restaurant. Yikes. hehe

Puerto Galera 11

Having fun includes eating, too! 😉

Puerto Galera 12.1

My friends decided on what to eat, while I had a world of my own at one side, resting my head on my arms every once in a while, since I was still feeling sleepy. If Rajiv was the “Call Center Agent”, I was called the “Zombie” of this trip.

Puerto Galera 12.2

Pretty girls in shades! B)

After the lunch meal, we finally headed to the beach that was just in front the restaurant. The weather was a bit rainy since the week before we went to Puerto Galera so it was cold, but of course, it didn’t stop us from having fun!

Puerto Galera 13.1

A beach without the Sun is still a beach. :3

Puerto Galera 13.2

We felt so cold because of the rain. We were, in fact, shivering even before we soaked ourselves in the water, but we didn’t let the camera capture the discomfort. hehe

Puerto Galera 14

Ain’t no rain is heavy enough to stop us from having fun and enjoying the white beach! By the way, Puerto Galera’s sand isn’t as white as that from Boracay, but it’s still white, nevertheless. And it’s the closest we could get in Luzon. 😉

Puerto Galera 15

Funny thing about our little group is that no one knows how to swim, except for Mr Lover Boy, so we were like that on the photo the whole time, just laughing and talking and reminiscing about the good old times. Then we would panic whenever the waves would seem to bring us somewhere deeper.

Remember that part when I had my girl friends wear red lipstick? Well, Yuko and I still had it on our lips when we went into the water, and at first, we were so proud that it didn’t get erased while we ate until… until the worst happened. The tube I lent everyone–that which I also used on my lips–is a red matte lipstick with a good staying power despite it affordable price. So what happened was maybe because of the saltiness of the water, the lipstick smeared, but it made sure to stay on the outer part of our lips no matter how hard we tried to rub it off. It was an embarrassment and was the cause of our endless laughter! Especially on my part since I have sensitive skin, all those brushing with my hands left the lower part of my face red even after I have finally removed the lipstick stain. Lesson learned: Never wear lipstick when going to the beach. hehehe.

Anyway, a little later after we decided to rest, a group of guys came to us, offering their adventure package for eight people for only 1,500 pesos. Covering the activities snorkeling and island hopping, we thought it would be great so we agreed and Magie decided to pay for the whole package.

Puerto Galera 16

On the way to the snorkeling area. Little boats like that on the right photo followed us for some unknown reason.

Because of the weather, the boat ride to the snorkeling area wasn’t peaceful. But then again, the adventure-seeker in me enjoyed the experience and in fact, I wish there was more. hehe

Puerto Galera 17

Caught on cam: Yuko’s priceless reaction from the boat disturbance caused by the sea waves.

Puerto Galera 18

The love birds’ couple shot. 😀

Puerto Galera 19

Pieces of evidence: (L) Just had our life vests on; (R) Goggles on this time. HAHA Every move was documented. :))

Then while we were finally having fun at the snorkeling area, the boat men kept on suggesting that we ride the smaller boats that went there with us so they could take us to those places with more corals and fish. The price per small boat, which can accommodate only two passengers, is 200 pesos. The love birds readily grabbed it, leaving us people with no enough resources. hehe

We also rented an underwater camera to capture our moments while in the water. But since no one knows how to swim and we had life vests on, none of us dared getting photographed underwater. Pffftt. haha. We still had nice shots above water, though.

Puerto Galera 20

Some of our shots above water.

“Na-Sea Urchin Ka na Baaaaa?”
(“Have You Been Stung By A Sea Urchin?”)
It was extremely fun, being able to laugh and bond with close friends that already treat each other like siblings. In fact, it was really fun ever after the slight horror that happened.

The boat men finally persuaded us on taking the smaller boats since they promised to take us to a beautiful island where there’s this little underground cave that once became part of ABS-CBN’s TV Series Marina. But while I was on my way to the boat, Jocelyn grabbed my right shoulder telling me with a panicky voice, “Kapatid, sandali lang! (Sister, wait!)” and she held her right foot close to my face.

I was in shock when I saw not just one but many sea urchin spines on the sole of her biggest foot finger. And it was really close to my face that I couldn’t help but laugh and be worried at the same time for her. I didn’t know what to do, it could be fatal and there were too many spines!

Good thing one of the boatmen volunteered on removing those needle-like stuff on my friend’s foot all while I was holding her ankle. Whew. And apparently, sea urchin’s spines are really soft that’s why they break easily leaving those parts that pierced Jocelyn’s foot still planted under her skin. Relax, though, relax. Medical help wasn’t needed. According to the boatman, the spines eventually dissolve with the help of nothing else but… Urine. Ewww, but yes, or so they said.

I find it really disgusting to take a pee on the sea so I never do it no matter how hard people tell me it’s perfectly okay. So even if I really, really needed to and my kidneys are about to explode, and take note, I had to do it for a friend, they couldn’t force me to take a leak even behind a rock on the island. But thank goodness Yuko needed to take a pee, too, so the issue was solved immediately. Another Whew! for that.

Puerto Galera 22

Jocelyn pouring Yuko’s urine on her stung foot. Unhygienic, but according to the boatmen and what we all heard before, it’s what really treat it. She also treated it with calamansi when we got back to the resort.

The Adventure Continues
Anyway, so we were taken to an island with a small underground cave. It is literally small, as in we could go in and out in just a few minutes if not for the picture-taking we did–with one of boatmen as the director of photography–inside.

We got inside by entering a small hole in a wall of rock. Then after this little obstacle, we were then welcomed in the marvel that is the cave. It’s rocky and the clear water keeps waving inside creating that peaceful seashore sound or whatever that is called. A boatman borrowed our rented camera and we were surprised when he called us from above for a photo and there’s this hole where he was peeping. It’s really beautiful!

Puerto Galera 23

There’s the entrance.

Puerto Galera 24

Inside the underground cave. It’s so beautiful!!! :3

Puerto Galera 25

Crystal-clear water…

The view outside the cave is also fine that’s why we took advantage and had our photos taken there as well.

Puerto Galera 26

Group photo. :3

Puerto Galera 27

Photo opportunity with the big rock and beautiful view.

Then it was time for the island hopping! … Which didn’t turn out good. It was on the next island when Magie and Yuko realized why we had to pay 200 pesos each for the smaller boats when those who came to us earlier said the 1,500 payment already comprised every activity we would be doing. And Meynard also said that we didn’t need those smaller boats, anyway, so why? No one raged since we’re all not that type but we decided not to continue with the island hopping anymore and to just go back to the resort instead.

We still had great photos there, anyway.

Puerto Galera 28

On the way to another island. SMILE! 🙂

Puerto Galera 29

The sun was setting. Great view that the camera couldn’t miss!

Puerto Galera 30

Meynard couldn’t resist the elegance of the place, too, so he asked me to take a solo shot of him.

Puerto Galera 31

While we were waiting for the service which would bring us back to the resort.

Back to the resort, we took baths immediately as we were already starving. The resort’s food servings are good for two so we divided ourselves into four and ordered two viands each pair. In all fairness, the food are all scrumptious and Rajiv and Jocelyn’s Sinigang na Hipon were unbelievable because it seemed bottomless and it is true to its name, it had a lot of shrimps unlike those in Metro Manila where there are more vegetables than the shrimps!

Puerto Galera 31

While waiting for our dinner…

Puerto Galera 33

Funny moment: (Top) We had Meynard lie on our laps for some photos and it was all cool; (Bottom) Then for Rajiv’s turn… Look at my facial expression on the picture! hahaha Rajiv is really heavy that we decided the attempt won’t work. hahaha V^_^

Puerto Galera 34

Dinner time! But first, the evidence! 😀

After dinner time came what else but Filipino’s favorite past time: Videoke! But the night was still young when a resort personnel told us it was time’s up at 10:30pm since a government official is a neighbor. Pffft.

Puerto Galera 35

Singing our hearts out!

The Second and Last Day
Our vouchers were good for a two-days-and-one-night stay, so the next day, we had to get ready to go back to Metro Manila. For breakfast–which were complimentary–we had fried rice, egg, hotdog, and coffee. Not bad for the start of the day.

Puerto Galera 36

Never miss breakfast. 🙂

Puerto Galera 37

One last photo in the resort.

Puerto Galera 38

Group photos on the other parts of resort. It’s really a nice place! 😀

Puerto Galera 39

How about for some solo shots? :3

Then it was time to go…

Puerto Galera 40

Refugee-ish again as we headed to the pier.

We were supposed to buy souvenirs when we get to the Muelle Pier, but the ferry would be leaving in a few minutes. The FSL crew promised that we could go shopping at Sabang pier, though, and we were relieved. Until we reached the said pier and we had to run and buy fast for we were only given about 15 minutes to buy stuff. I felt like we were contestants of Amazing Race. :\

Anyway, at least we were able to buy some Puerto Galera souvenirs, and mind you, I loved the adrenalin rush.

Puerto Galera 41

Oh, hello again, Father and Son Shipping Line ferry!

Puerto Galera 42

Time’s up for the 15-minute extra challenge! :))

Puerto Galera 43

Tired but still picture-ready. 🙂

Puerto Galera 44

Back to the Batangas port!

Puerto Galera 45

Next stop: Shopping for some edible souvenirs!

Bulalo Break!
Our little adventure didn’t end at the Batangas port. For lunch, we ate at Jorjhane’s House of Special Bulalo, which is kind of famous in Batangas City and we understood why. Its Bulalo, a Filipino beef stew made mainly of beef bone marrows, was really delicious starting from the soup which can be refilled whenever we wanted to! YUM!

Puerto Galera 46

At Jorjhane’s House of Special Bulalo! Lunch time!

Puerto Galera 47

Jorjhane’s Bulalo is indeed special!

Puerto Galera 48

It cannot be denied that we loved the bulalo. hehehe

Puerto Galera 49

The round trip tricycle ride from the Batangas port to the Bulalo restaurant costs 300 pesos per vehicle.

Then it was time to really, really face the metropolis again in a few hours.

Puerto Galera 50

At the Batangas bus terminal.


This Puerto Galera trip with my high school friends, though really short, definitely deserves a special place in my heart and memory. It was a time when I had the ultimate fun with my dearest friends, in fact, I didn’t care even if I burned my wallet with this getaway. Every money I spent was worth it.

I’m looking forward for more out-of-town trip with them! 😉




Photo Credits:

Jan Meynard Nualla

Yuko Konishi-Legaspi

Photo collage by me:P