Ramon Bautista’s Funny yet Logical Book about <3

Love can rock your world, but it can also pick rocks of different sizes and throw them to you.

Indeed, love is both wonderful and crazy. And when it has already turned your world upside down and whichever way it wanted, who’s the best person to run to? Well, believe it or not, it may only be Ramon Baustista.

Ramon Bautista's Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? book cover

Ramon Bautista’s Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? book cover

A self-proclaimed Internet action star, Ramon Baustista began conquering the local print world in 2012 with the publication of his first book, Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?: At Iba Pang Technique Kung Paano Makaka-Move On sa Wasak na PusoIt is basically a compilation of some of the questions and answers about love from his formspring account, one of the platforms of his popular Internet trapezoid.

His book gives smart and oftentimes sarcastic answers to bothered and usually stupid love questions like:

Q: Sir RB, ‘yung GF ko niloko ako. Naghanap ng iba. Pero di niya pa din ako binibitawan at nilagay ako sa friendzone, di niya daw ako kaya mawala kasi ako lang daw nakakaintindi at nakakaunawa sa kanya. Ano gagawin ko?

A: Malandi yang GF mo at makapal mukha niya ginagawa ka pa niyang reserba. Anong gagawin mo? Do whatever makes you less tanga…isip!


Q: Hello Mr. Bautista. My friend is an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) and she’s already 29. She feels really down about it and embarrassed. She feels ashamed for her situation and feels she’s behind life. She’s never dated either. What advice can you give?

A: Nararamdaman ko ang pressure niyong mga girls sa tumatandang NBSB. Kung pakiramdam niyo na it makes you less of a woman dahil wala kayong BF, ibaba niyo ang standards niyo. Pero para sa mga “wala akong BF hanggang ngayon, weno ngayon?!” ang attitude, saludo ko sa inyo!

and even to school-related queries like:

Q: Sir Ramon! Naramdaman n’yo na ba ‘yung gusto n’yo nang sumuko noon sa pag-aaral at iwan ang lahat ng hirap? Sir!! TULONG! Pagalitan n’yo po ako para matauhan ako. 😦

A: Hindi option ang pagsuko sa school. Kalma lang at isipin mo na lang ang future mo. Papanget ka rin someday at pagdating ng araw na ‘yun, atleast may trabaho ka.

Of course, it also contains the 10 possible reasons that answer the book’s title:

1. Panget ka.
2. Masama ugali mo.
3. May shota siya.
4. May shota ka.
5. Bakla/Tomboy siya.
6. ‘Di kayo match sa horoscope.
7. Okay ka naman pero siniraan ka ng mga friends niya.
8. High maintenance ka.
9. Trip mo ‘yung mga ayaw niyang TV show.
10. Wala ka sa radar A.K.A. Hindi ka niya napapansin.

A 90’s-inspired notebook with a note that says “Study hard!” that comes with the book. It seems like a friendly reminder like what he always tells his viewers in TFTFZ that “There’s more to life than love.”

A 90’s-inspired notebook with a note that says “Study hard!” that comes with the book. It seems like a friendly reminder like what he always tells his viewers in TFTFZ that “There’s more to life than love.”

The book is entertaining with the approach that’s funny yet not without logic. Ramon Bautista made sure to give advices based on his rationale and not just his emotions and carnal desire.

In fact, right in the introduction of his book, he explained to his readers that he believes that human beings are composed of three decision-making bodies: the mind, the heart, and the sexual desire. And among the three, the mind must be the strongest since it should be able to control the other two when both have decided to join forces.

But when in love, it is natural that the heart and the sexual desire succeed in beating down the mind. And with that, his formspring account was created, and then later on the book, to give wise and truthful advices to troubled and dumb hearts without making the situations too heavy.

My friend and I became instant fans of Ramon Bautista just recently when one night, while talking about what else but love–a topic that never seems to go out of style–on Facebook chat, then I suddenly remembered watching episode 6 of his YouTube show, Tales from the Friend Zone (TFTFZ), and I told her that I could relate to it. We then got inspired in seeing all its seven episodes which made both of us laugh and trace his Internet trapezoid sites on Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, and Instagram. And thus, the story behind my purchase of this book.

You don’t have to be in love or be broken hearted to buy this book. If you’re in for some entertainment in the Filipino language, this book is a good read.