Ramon Bautista’s Funny yet Logical Book about <3

Love can rock your world, but it can also pick rocks of different sizes and throw them to you.

Indeed, love is both wonderful and crazy. And when it has already turned your world upside down and whichever way it wanted, who’s the best person to run to? Well, believe it or not, it may only be Ramon Baustista.

Ramon Bautista's Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? book cover

Ramon Bautista’s Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? book cover

A self-proclaimed Internet action star, Ramon Baustista began conquering the local print world in 2012 with the publication of his first book, Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?: At Iba Pang Technique Kung Paano Makaka-Move On sa Wasak na PusoIt is basically a compilation of some of the questions and answers about love from his formspring account, one of the platforms of his popular Internet trapezoid.

His book gives smart and oftentimes sarcastic answers to bothered and usually stupid love questions like:

Q: Sir RB, ‘yung GF ko niloko ako. Naghanap ng iba. Pero di niya pa din ako binibitawan at nilagay ako sa friendzone, di niya daw ako kaya mawala kasi ako lang daw nakakaintindi at nakakaunawa sa kanya. Ano gagawin ko?

A: Malandi yang GF mo at makapal mukha niya ginagawa ka pa niyang reserba. Anong gagawin mo? Do whatever makes you less tanga…isip!


Q: Hello Mr. Bautista. My friend is an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) and she’s already 29. She feels really down about it and embarrassed. She feels ashamed for her situation and feels she’s behind life. She’s never dated either. What advice can you give?

A: Nararamdaman ko ang pressure niyong mga girls sa tumatandang NBSB. Kung pakiramdam niyo na it makes you less of a woman dahil wala kayong BF, ibaba niyo ang standards niyo. Pero para sa mga “wala akong BF hanggang ngayon, weno ngayon?!” ang attitude, saludo ko sa inyo!

and even to school-related queries like:

Q: Sir Ramon! Naramdaman n’yo na ba ‘yung gusto n’yo nang sumuko noon sa pag-aaral at iwan ang lahat ng hirap? Sir!! TULONG! Pagalitan n’yo po ako para matauhan ako. 😦

A: Hindi option ang pagsuko sa school. Kalma lang at isipin mo na lang ang future mo. Papanget ka rin someday at pagdating ng araw na ‘yun, atleast may trabaho ka.

Of course, it also contains the 10 possible reasons that answer the book’s title:

1. Panget ka.
2. Masama ugali mo.
3. May shota siya.
4. May shota ka.
5. Bakla/Tomboy siya.
6. ‘Di kayo match sa horoscope.
7. Okay ka naman pero siniraan ka ng mga friends niya.
8. High maintenance ka.
9. Trip mo ‘yung mga ayaw niyang TV show.
10. Wala ka sa radar A.K.A. Hindi ka niya napapansin.

A 90’s-inspired notebook with a note that says “Study hard!” that comes with the book. It seems like a friendly reminder like what he always tells his viewers in TFTFZ that “There’s more to life than love.”

A 90’s-inspired notebook with a note that says “Study hard!” that comes with the book. It seems like a friendly reminder like what he always tells his viewers in TFTFZ that “There’s more to life than love.”

The book is entertaining with the approach that’s funny yet not without logic. Ramon Bautista made sure to give advices based on his rationale and not just his emotions and carnal desire.

In fact, right in the introduction of his book, he explained to his readers that he believes that human beings are composed of three decision-making bodies: the mind, the heart, and the sexual desire. And among the three, the mind must be the strongest since it should be able to control the other two when both have decided to join forces.

But when in love, it is natural that the heart and the sexual desire succeed in beating down the mind. And with that, his formspring account was created, and then later on the book, to give wise and truthful advices to troubled and dumb hearts without making the situations too heavy.

My friend and I became instant fans of Ramon Bautista just recently when one night, while talking about what else but love–a topic that never seems to go out of style–on Facebook chat, then I suddenly remembered watching episode 6 of his YouTube show, Tales from the Friend Zone (TFTFZ), and I told her that I could relate to it. We then got inspired in seeing all its seven episodes which made both of us laugh and trace his Internet trapezoid sites on Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, and Instagram. And thus, the story behind my purchase of this book.

You don’t have to be in love or be broken hearted to buy this book. If you’re in for some entertainment in the Filipino language, this book is a good read.

And I Sing La-La-La…

Today is All Souls’ Day.

But no, I’m too unconventional to be narrating a ghost story or two, I leave that to people who have heaps of it. I’m into a different kind of horror. That horror that gives one the urge to run away fast, screaming, to the farthest they can go to, or cover their ears while silently pleading they can disappear like bubble. The horror that makes others camouflage and choose to keep quiet in fear that they’ll get caught and exposed, while some who have lots of guts put their lives at risk.

I’m talking about singing and hearing someone not so blessed do it. WAHAHA.


Kidding aside, do you feel better whenever you sing (Despite other people’s angry stare at you or laughs)? Well, you should be for studies show that singing has health advantages physically, mentally, and socially.

Karaoke night at Leonardo’s Bar and Restaurant, Antipolo with high-school friends after attending a friend’s wedding

Singing’s physical benefits are the following:
– It is an aerobic activity so it exercises the heart and lungs
– It tones the intercostal muscles and diaphragm
– It tones the muscles in the face (With the way we sing with full-blast emotions)
– It improves posture (When singing from the diaphragm)
– It opens sinuses and respiratory tubes wider
– It strengthens the immune system, thus helps our bodies fight diseases

Then the psychological benefits are:
– It makes the body produce endorphins, the happy hormones, thus:
        a. it relieves stress
        b. it reduces anger, depression, and anxiety
        c. it makes us feel contented
        d. it is energizing
        e. it promotes positivity
        f. it uplifts us spiritually
– It boosts self-esteem and confidence
– It nurtures creativity
– It improves memory and concentration (probably because of the lyrics)

Late Christmas Party with my former colleagues at Music Match Revolution Family KTV, Ortigas Home Depot (Photo by Champy Cachola)

Lastly, its social benefits are:
– It bonds people
– It opens doors to giving and receiving feedbacks
– It promotes fun and lots of laughter

What more can one ask for in a single, pleasurable, and worthwhile activity?


Filipinos love singing and most are great at it. This is evident on the karaoke bars or KTVs that sprout all over the country, and the number of our countrymen, half or not, who stand out on international singing contests. And now we know why we are regarded as happy people.

Bonding time with former officemates at Center Stage Family KTV & Resto Bar, Bel-Air, Makati (Photo by Champy Cachola)

I, myself, enjoy singing so much that I do it for about 30 minutes from the moment my father opens our home’s gate when I arrive from work. There’s just something about it that after a while always makes me do it at the top of my lungs–which I call a concert–that my younger brother–whenever he’s home around that time–always annoyingly tells me to stop soon. Little did I know that it is actually because of the endorphins that my body releases whenever I sing. It’s something that’s perfect after a stressful and exhausting day at work.

Of course, it’s more exhilarating when I finally get hold of a karaoke machine’s microphone and I can sing a song not only with accompaniments, but also with full interpretation of the song itself like I’m a real singer in front of a large crowd.

So next time you’re feeling down, just sing–sing with all your heart. You may be in horror of getting yourself in peril from people trying to throw things at you for doing it, but at least, deep inside you know you’re feeling terrific. Surely the menace of some cans, bottles, and other stuff hitting your head is nothing compared to the benefits singing can offer you. 😉

Karaoke time until who-knows-what-time-of-the-mornight-it-was at the nipa hut located on the rooftop of the Nualla Residence (Photo grabbed from Yuko Konishi-Legaspi)

A word of advice, though. If you are broken hearted, never ever listen to or sing any heart-breaking songs. ‘Cause instead of making you feel better, it’ll leave you a wreck, a lot worse than before you started humming the single. Tsk tsk tsk.

Happy singing! 😀




Incidentally, Yahoo! News Philippines reported October 30, 2012 about  a casket equipped with a karaoke machine. Manufactured by R.G. Nogoy Casket  from Pampanga, the coffin will serve as a “gimmick to surprise guests and lighten the mood of solemn funerals or Halloween parties.” For the full story, click here.  (Photo grabbed from Yahoo! News Philippines and is owned by Cheryl Ravero/REUTERS)

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Short Story Writing: My First Love

Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.–Gene Fowler


I AM NOT A WRITER. I never am. Instead, I’m simply a person who loves to write and gets pleasure from it, someone who took a writing course then transferred to another writing program in college, and wrote for a living for almost two years until just recently. A writer? Me? No way.

For me, “writer” is so big and heavy a word that it takes a pure genius to be called one. It’s like a container filled with boiling water. It’s too hot to handle, and although I can do with a potholder, if I become clumsy enough in carrying it, I may spill it all over the place and burn my skin. Now that’s total pain that will definitely leave a scar. So no, I’m not a writer, I just enjoy writing. People may call me one because of my background, but me, declaring that I’m certainly a writer, is deplorable, an outright crime. Except, perhaps, if one would ask what my job designations were in the past.

Not writing a short story there but something else. Hmmmm… -_- (Photo by Mae Winky Mozelle Veluz)

My love for writing began when I was 11 years old, an elementary student. I think my friends and I were watching too much anime and were going gaga over them then that soon, we already had stories of our own that we couldn’t contain in our young minds anymore, so we immortalized them on paper. We cheerfully wrote each story on intermediate papers or yellow pads, and they were in a form of screenplay scripts, not paragraphs like those in short stories and novels.

Those were fun times, young as we were and we had nothing else to think about except those crazy stories from our wacky imaginations. It was especially thrilling and annoying when we were trying our best to hide our secret agenda from our mischievous little boy classmates–Er, actually one was really big–who were very curious about what we were up to in those sheets that we were always busy and serious while writing on them, and laughing and giggling whenever we read them. Yes, short story writing was a clandestine affair for us then. So just imagine the adrenaline rush whenever one of the intruders would successfully grab our papers, then we would fight with all our might to get them back. Kids…

We continued that private business of ours in high school, and eventually, learned to write them on notebooks and we also recruited new members. We stopped when we entered college, though, when we went to different universities.

We stopped writing, but I didn’t. I took AB Literature in college and it was there where I first wrote a short story in paragraph form. Then come third year and I shifted to AB Journalism where I wrote articles based on facts, not my fancies. I acquired so much writing tips on that course but I thought I lost my ability to summon fictional stories from my mind.

Good thing we had a Filipino subject in fourth year where we wrote not just short stories in the Filipino language, but also poems. It was a fun subject taught by the funniest professor I had in college and I had the chance to twist my psyche again for those eccentric stories I could think of.

Today, I only write blog entries, research reports and E-mails for work, and short short stories like Touch It Not, my first post at Words of Happinest, but I’m still hoping I can rekindle my relationship with my first love, short story writing. I think I only need enough inspiration for it and I believe I can do it one of these days.

Anyway, what you’ll read below–if you can read and comprehend the Filipino language, and if you’re still willing to go on reading–is the short story I wrote for my Filipino subject during my fourth year in college. I honestly don’t know what to think of it except that I laughed hard while reading it just a couple of days ago, albeit the topic is not a laughing matter. So there, I hope you’ll take the time and enjoy reading the piece which this person who merely loves writing had written. 🙂




“Sana Lang”



Umpisa na naman ng araw. At kagaya ng palaging ginagawa ni Madie sa tuwing sisikat ang araw, naka-upo na naman siya sa kung saan nakaharap ang mukha ni Johann, naghihintay na magbukas ang mga mata nito. Wala siyang pakialam kung abutin pa ito ng maghapon sa pagtulog, basta ang mahalaga, siya ang una nitong makikita sa paggising.

Hinawakan niya ang pisngi ng lalaki. Napakahimbing talaga niya matulog. At sa kung pang-ilang beses na na pagkakataon, nalungkot ulit siya. Paano ba niya mapapaalam kay Johann ang nararamdaman niya? Iyon na lang lagi ang nagpapasira ng araw niya. Isang tanong na masakit ulit-ulitin. Isang tanong na napakahirap sagutin.

Nagpatuloy siya sa pag-intay sa paggising ng lalaki. Hanggang sa maya-maya nga’y dahan-dahan ng dumilat ang mga mata nito. Ngumiti ito sa kanya, at sa sandali ring iyon ay nawala ang lungkot na nararamdaman nito kani-kanina lamang at napalitan agad ito ng saya. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit gustong-gusto niya itong nakikitang gumising.

“Magandang umaga,” bati niya sa kakagising lamang na lalaki.

Good morning, Mademoiselle,” nakangiti pa ring sabi ni Johann habang nag-uunat ng katawan. “Iniintay mo na naman ba ‘kong gumising? Pasensiya na ha, ang sakit kasi ng katawan ko kagabi.”

Humiga si Madie sa tabi nito, sabay yakap naman sa kanya ng lalaki. “Ayos lang ‘yon, alam ko naming mahirap ang trabaho mo e.”

“Nakakain ka ba kagabi? Sa sobrang sakit ng katawan ko kagabi, hindi ko na maalala.”

“Oo, nakakain ako, sabay pa nga tayo e. Kaya lang, dahil nga sa masakit ang katawan mo, hindi mo na naubos yung pagkain mo. Hindi mo na rin nahugasan ang mga pinggan, hanggang ngayon tuloy nandon pa rin sa hapag-kainan. Ayos ka na ba? ‘Wag ka kaya munang pumasok ngayon, magpahinga ka muna.”

Lumingon si Johann sa orasan sa dingding at biglang napabalikwas. “Naku, mahuhuli na pala ako sa trabaho,” gulat na gulat nitong sabi. “Sige, Madie, maliligo muna ako ha,” at dali-dali na siyang pumunta sa palikuran.

“Sige,” sagot ni Madie habang bumababa sa kama. “Dahan-dahan ka lang ha, baka madulas ka.”

Sana lang, naiintindihan ni Johann ang bawat sinasabi niya…

Sana lang, hindi lang puro ‘meow’ang lumalabas sa bibig niya…

Sana lang, hindi siya isang pusa…


Napakaraming  bagay ang gustong sabihin ni Madie kay Johann. Ngunit nang dahil nga sa kahit kailan ay hinding hindi siya maiintidihan ng huli, nananatili itong mangmang sa mga nararamdaman ng una. Gusto niyang magpasalamat sa lahat-lahat ng ginagawa nito sa kanya. Gusto niyang iparamdam sa kanya kung gaano siya nag-aalala sa tuwing pinipilit niyang magtrabaho kahit na mayroon siyang sakit. At higit sa lahat, gustong-gusto niyang malaman ni Johann na ang paglalambing niya dito ay hindi kagaya ng sa ibang pusa. Naglalambing siya dito hindi sa iyon ang likas na ginagawa ng isang pusa sa amo niya, kundi ginagawa niya iyon dahil baka sa ganoong paraan malaman ni Johann kung gaano niya ito kamahal. Pero kahit ano talagang gawin niya, hindi siya maiintindihan ng amo.


Kakatapos lang magbihis ni Johann nang biglang may kumatok sa pintuan ng apartment unit nito.

“Yung kabit,” wiki ni Madie at marahang bumaba sa sofa kung saan niya nililinis ang sarili habang iniintay na matapos si Johann.

Binuksan nung lalaki ang pinto. Tama, yung ‘kabit’ nga, si Megumi, ang nobya ni Johann. Sa isip ni Madie, ang alagang pusa ang asawa at ang nobya, kabit lang.

“Hi, Johann,” masaya nitong pagbati sabay dampi ng labi sa labi ng nobyo. “O, papasok ka pa rin ngayon? Hindi ba sabi mo kagabi masakit ang katawan mo? ‘Nga pala, may dala akong breakfast,” at ibinigay ang supot.

Inabot ng kausap ang bag saka sila pumunta sa hapag-kainan. “Alam mo namang ayaw kong nag-aabsent sa trabaho ‘di ba? Saka hindi na naman masakit ang katawa ko e, ayos na ‘yon.”

Dahan-dahan namang lumapit si Madie kay Johann at marahang hinaplos ang sariling katawan sa binti ng amo.

“Minsan ka lang naman aabsent e.”

Kinalong ni Johann ang pusa na naging dahilan naman upang medyo mapaurong si Megumi. Lagi kasi siya nitong kinakalmot sa tuwing susubukan niyang lumapit dito. Madalas tuloy siyang pumasok sa trabaho na puno ng sugat. Gayon pa man, hindi niya magawang magalit dito sapagkat alam naman niyang pusa ito at likas dito ang mangalmot ng kung sinu-sino at kung anu-ano. Ang hindi lang niya alam ay ayaw nitong makita na magkalapit sila ni Johann at ayaw din nitong hinahawak-hawakan siya ng ibang tao, lalung-lalo na siya.

“Sayang lang ang isang araw na sweldo kung aabsent ako ng dahil lang sa masakit ang katawan ko kagabi,” sagot nito sa nobya habang hinihimas-himas ang pusang kalong-kalong. “Saka, malapit na ‘kong ma-promote, baka mawala pa ‘yon. Sayang naman kung saka-sakali ‘di ba? Para sa’ting dalawa naman ‘to e,” nakangiti pa nitong dagdag sa kausap.

Okay. Sabi mo e.”

“Tara, sa opisina na lang natin kainin ‘tong dala mo, mahuhuli na tayo,” nilapag niya sa sahig ang pusa at kinuha ang supot. “Teka, pagkain nga pala ni Madie.”

Nagmadali siyang kumuha ng pagkain at inilagay sa kaninan ni Madie. Lumapit ito sa alaga at ibinigay ang pagkain. “Pasensya na kung ‘yan pa yung pagkain nung isang araw ha,” paghihingi nito ng paumanhin sa alaga habang hinihimas ang ulo nito. “Hindi na ‘ko nakabili kagabi e. Pero promise, mamaya masarap na’ng pagkain mo.”

“Mahal na mahal mo talaga ‘yang si Madie a,” komento ni Megumi. “Talagang nagsosorry ka pa sa kanya.”

“Oo naman, mahal ko talaga ‘tong si Madie. ‘Di ba Madie?”


Natawa ang magnobyo.

“Tara na,” wiki ni Johann at saka tumayo.

At tuluyan na ngang iniwan si Madie ng kanyang asawang naka-akbay pa sa kanyang kabit. Kagaya ng mangilan-ngilang asawa na ayos lang kung sa kabit sa umaga, basta pagdating ng gabi ay sa kanya naman uuwi, ganon din ang nararamdaman niya. Dahil kung sa bagay, wala naman talaga siyang karapatan dito at alam na naman niyang may Megumi na si Johann miski nung una pa lang siyang mapapunta sa lugar na iyon.


Photo grabbed from Humor Train


Napulot nila Johann at Megumi si Madie. Galing sila sa isang mall noon at inihatid lang ni Johann sa bahay ang kanyang nobya nang mapadaan sila sa isang tambak ng basura at nakarinig sila ng isang munting iyak ng pusa. Awang-awa sila nang makita nila ang itsura ng kuting na itinapon na lang ng may-ari. Madungis ito at mahina ang pangangatawan. At dahil sa sadyang maaawain, nag-alala si Megumi, baka raw mamatay ang kuting kung papabayaan lang nila. Inimungkahi naman ni Johann na alagaan na lang niya ito ngunit napailing ang babae dahil may hika ang kapatid niya at makakasama ang balahibo ng pusa. Kaya sa huli nga’y si Johann ang nag-uwi at nag-alaga sa kanya. Ginawa niya ang lahat para sumigla ang kuting na pinangalanan niyang Mademoiselle. Pinadala niya sa doktor, binilhan ng mahal na pagkain, at itinuring na parang tao. Ilan lamang iyo sa mga ginawa niya na talaga naming ikinatuwa ni Madie. Masaya ang pusa sa lahat ng nagawa para sa kanya ng amo, masaya siya dahil iniligtas ni Johann ang buhay niya. Noong una, pati si Megumi at nag-aalaga sa kanya, lagi itong bumibisita sa bahay ng nobyo para lamang makita ang kalagayan niya. Ngunit nang magsimula na nga siyang mangalmot ay dahan-dahan na itong lumayo sa kanya.

Simula ng mapunta sa apartment unit ni Johann, naging ugali na ni Madie na hintayin sa harapan ng pinto ang kanyang amo sa tuwing magdidilim na dahil alam niyang parating na ito. Pagbukas ni Johann ng pinto at ilaw, paniguradong nakangiti na ito sa kanya at hihimasin ulit nito ang kanyang ulo. Kukumustahin nito ang araw niya sa bahay at magkukwento rin siya ng mga nangyari sa kanya sa labas. Susundan niya sa kahit saan magpunta ang amo sa loob ng bahay para lang marinig ang bawat kwento niya. Mas lalo siyang sumasaya sa tuwing ginagawa niya ito. Pakiramdam niya ay maiintindihan din siya nito kapag sumagot siya.


Isang araw, madilim na ay hindi pa dumadating si Johann. Ang tagal na niyang nag-iintay sa harapan ng pinto ngunit wala pa ring kahit na anong palatandaan na parating na ito. Ngunit hindi nasiraan ng loob si Madie, matiyaga pa rin siyang naka-upo at naghihintay.

Hanggang sa dahan-dahan na ngang bumukas ang pinto at ang ilaw. Tumingala siya upang masilayan ang ngiti ng bagong dating ngunit wala ito ngayon. Dire-diretso lang itong pumasok sa bahay at dinaanan lang ang kanyang pusa na matagal na nag-antay sa kanya. Halatang wala ito sa sarili, namumutla at bakas sa mukha niyang mayroon siyang dinaramdam.

Pumunta siya sa palikuran at naghilamos. Pakatapos ay matagal nitong tinitigan ang sarili sa salamin. Lumapit si Madie. Masakit sa kanya ang makitang nagkakaganon ang amo. Gusto niyang itanong kung ano ba ang problema nito ngunit hindi niya alam kung paano ito gagawin.

Lumabas si Johann sa palikuran at kumuha ng tubig sa refrigerator. Dali-dali niyang ininom ang tubig at padabog na inilapag ang baso sa mesa. Naiinis na si Madie, bakit ba wala siyang magawa sa mga oras na ganito?

Nagtungo si Johann sa kwarto at humiga ng nakatakip ang isang braso sa mga mata. Hindi pa rin malaman ni Madie kung ano ba talaga ang problema. Lumapit siya sa amo at sinubukang maglambing, nagbabakasakaling mapasaya niya ito. Walang nangyari. Lalo lang siyang nasaktan sa ginagawa niya dahil hindi siya pinapansin ng taong mahal niya kaya humiga na lang siya sa tabi nito at pinanood na lang ito habang nagmumukmok.

“Para sa kanya lahat ng paghihirap ko,” biglang putol sa katahimikan ni Johann, nakatakip pa rin ang mga mata. “Bakit kailangan pa niyang mawala?”

Itinaas ni Madie ang kanyang ulo. Nagtataka siya kung ano ba ang sinasabi ng amo pero masaya siya dahil sa wakas ay nagsalita na ito.

“Wala na siya. Wala na si Megumi, Madie.”

Magkahalong saya at lungkot ang naramdaman niya. Wala na si Megumi. Ngunit bakit parang pati si Johann at wala na rin? Tumayo siya at lumipat sa dibdib ng amo.

“Pakiramdam ko nasayang lahat ng pinaghirapan ko. Kahit may sakit ako pumapasok ako para lang makapag-ipon para sa aming dalawa. Bakit kailangan pa siyang kunin sa’kin?” Sumisinghot nitong sabi.

“Huwag kang mag-isip ng ganyan,” sagot naman ni Madie.

“Pakiramdam ko nag-iisa na lang ako sa mundo—“

“Hindi, Johann, andito pa rin ako.”

“Hindi ko kaya, mamamatay na rin ako—“

“Huwag mong sabihin ‘yan.”

“Dapat nga mamatay na rin ako—“

“Kung mamamatay ka rin paano na lang ako?”

“Bakit hindi pa Niya ako kinuha—“

Tumayo si Madie at lumabas ng kwarto. Hindi na niya kaya. Naaawa siya kay Johann ngunit mas naaawa na siya sa sarili niya. Gusto niyang kausapin si Johann. Gusto niyang iparamdam na may karamay ito at hindi siya nag-iisa. Gusto niyang sabihin na hindi dapat tumigil ang mundo nito nang dahil lang sa namatayan siya ng mahal sa buhay. Gusto niyang iparating lahat ng gusto niyang sabihin. Pero hindi niya kaya. Hindi sapat ang bawat kilos niya.

Sana lang, naiintindihan ni Johann ang bawat sinasabi niya…

Sana lang, hindi lang puro ‘meow’ ang lumalabas sa bibig niya…

Sana lang, hindi siya isang pusa…