Have It The Chado Way

Milk tea is an in thing today. People crave for it making tea shops sprout everywhere. And with this undeniable summer heat, who doesn’t want anything cool to slide on their throats to quench their thirsts?

My work is near Eastwood City so my officemates and I can visit it almost anytime we want for some food or other stuff that can only be bought in malls. One day, one of my colleagues and I were on our way to a popular milk tea shop when we passed by a tea stall new to our eyes called CHADO The Tea Room. Its offerings are priced lower and, hey, it’s also milk tea so we decided to give it a try.

Chado 01

For only 75 pesos for a regular-sized milk tea and 85 pesos for a large, people can experience the CHADO milk tea goodness comparable to those of more costly ones. Naturally, a milk tea drink is a combination of milk and tea and with this, the tea’s taste is more distinct giving off the notion that it is true to its tagline, “Herbs that heal!” That taste is what my colleague and I liked most about this discovery so this shop became our instant favorite.

And why wouldn’t it taste such when its name is derived from two Japanese words, “cha”  and “do”,  which mean “tea” and “way”, respectively, and are used to describe the Japanese tea ceremony. So its like whenever one drinks a CHADO beverage, he or she gets to experience the taste of the event minus the pure bitterness of tea.

Of course, the flavors of our choice from chocolate, cherry, and my favorite, winter melon, among others, are also present in this mix, my only point in this is that it really tasted like tea with milk, if you know what I mean. hehe 🙂

Chado 02

Herbs that Heal!

I found out on the net that CHADO The Tea Room’s milk teas are indeed a healthy choice. Aside from the antioxidant content of tea, CHADO’s milk tea uses the Chado Special Sago or Basil Seeds which are known to be good for the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems, and skin, and can effectively relieve of stress. Moreover, the seeds, once consumed, have the cooling effect in the body making the beverage perfect for this summer season.

So what do you think about that, huh? CHADO’s milk tea isn’t just a drink that can refresh us and satisfy our cravings, it also keeps us healthy. Try it now!

Chado 03

CHADO The Tea Room also serves green teas, jelly-filled drinks, FruitMix series, and more.



CHADO The Tea Room
1. Eastwood Citywalk 1 (near Cyber Mall)
2. Food Junction, Eastwood City
Quezon City



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Don’t Get Stuck on My Tongue, Stackers!

On the night I created Words of Happinest, I promised myself never to write any negative entries, except for some personal sad thoughts and misfortunes, which importance in this blog is explained on the Categories page and tagline–… with an occasional fondle of woe to help us appreciate good times more–but never bad reviews about the books, films, products, places, and establishments I have experienced.

If I didn’t like it, I would just shut up. That’s the rule. But I like to make an exception today. Why? Maybe because I love burgers so much that it’s such a disappointment to eat one today that is far from being satisfactory, so I deserve to rant about it. Besides, this may be a good prelude to my upcoming Food sub-category about burgers. So that people would know how serious I am about my beloved burgers. hehe

Okay. So here it goes…

A colleague and I went to work without eating breakfast, and so as foodies, we decided, along with another co-worker, to order burgers for that morning which later turned into our lunch since we called in late. We had three options to choose from: Good Burgers, Army Navy, or Stackers Burger Cafe, which we found on this other co-worker’s so-called “black book” that contains leaflets of various food establishments.


Stackers Burger Cafe is said to offer Auss’m Burgers

Stackers was a stranger to us, but Good Burgers would open at 11am, while Army Navy ceased delivering around our area, so we thought of trying the alien just to satisfy our early burger cravings. It actually doesn’t deliver food, too, but multi-restaurant delivery service City Delivery could do the job for them. So everything was settled then.

The delivery was perfect, it arrived just in time for lunch break. But I just hope what we ordered were just as perfect. Oh well, I guess such a thought would already be asking too much. 😛

Honestly, I was pretty excited about this new find that I even brought my iPod Touch to our office pantry to make sure I capture my first ever Stackers Burger Cafe experience.

Picture 1: The packaging looks just like most burgers

Picture 1: The packaging looks just like most burgers

I had the Pepper Burger which costs 185 pesos. It’s pricier compared to Army Navy’s Classic Burger (165 pesos), but the latter seems bigger albeit both restaurants use quarter-pound beef patties (Well, not all for Stackers offerings, but for its Pepper Burger, supposedly, yes). Maybe it’s because the former uses 100% Australian beef–which I can’t exactly tell apart from McDonald’s patties? Maybe. Anyway, I love the patty, I can’t say anything bad about it ’cause it tasted just right.

Another which I can’t comment anything bad about are the mayo, fried crispy bits, and the sautéed mushrooms (I’m an avid fan of mushrooms no matter how they’re cooked), I had tasted them just fine. But then there goes its bun that kept on sticking to my teeth. I had to cover my mouth every after bite just to remove them.

As for the veggies, they were a disappointment. I love lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on my burger but the ones on this are totally off. The tomato was okay, but the lettuce wasn’t fresh, in fact, it was already dark green and I think it tasted like Chinese cabbage. Then to my dismay, the onion strips were cooked. I love the taste of raw onions even if they leave a lingering smell on my mouth even after I brush my teeth. They’re one of my favorite parts in a burger, but since the strips on this were cooked, it lost its flavor. Sad.

Picture 2: Pepper Burger is made up of lettuce, mayo, pepper crusted patty, mozzarella cheese, tomato, sauteed mushrooms, pepper steak sauce, onion bits, topped with fried crispy bits

Picture 2: Pepper Burger is made up of lettuce, mayo, pepper crusted patty, mozzarella cheese, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, pepper steak sauce, onion bits, topped with fried crispy bits

Picture 3: The bun that kept on sticking to my upper teeth

Picture 3: The bun that kept on sticking to my upper teeth

Then do I have to say something about the pepper steak sauce since it was named after it after all? Hmm. I honestly can’t recall how it was now or if it even had a taste, maybe it was somewhere along the average line.

But, oh, I can surely make a remark about my colleague’s burger. She ordered the Crazy Burger which costs the same as mine, yet apparently, it tasted worse. It was quite shocking to see her border on the mad side when she had her first mouthful of it, but I instantly understood why when she had me taste the dotted white sauce which is actually the cheese and grained mustard. It was sour at first, but as it dissolved on my tongue, it started to taste awful in the mouth.

Our other officemate had a simple Stackers Burger for 105 pesos and she didn’t like the bun either.

Overall, I think it’s quite obvious that I’m not going to try and eat any Stackers food in the future (But come to think of it, maybe it has something to do with us not dining at the restaurant itself…? I don’t know, that thought doesn’t make sense. O.o). Maybe it was just me or maybe Stackers and I just didn’t click, but I’ve read other bloggers’ entries about it and they weren’t saying anything spectacular about it either.

Oh well, after finishing mine, I had the feeling I could still eat a Big Mac since my tummy wasn’t sated at all. And if before I didn’t need to eat merienda after having burger for lunch, this time I found myself craving for a McFloat and large fries to make up with my tummy and taste buds.

Lychee Sprite McFloat and large fries from McDonald’s

Aaahhh… What to do without McDonald’s? Hehehe.

P.S. Let’s just say I wrote this post to keep anyone who’ll read this happy. Just imagine, now that you’ve read about it, you’re saved from ranting about it yourself. 😉