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Asian Films

I am an Asiaphile. Presented with choices between something Asian and something else, without a doubt, I will choose the former. I may be biased or maybe it’s simply because I’m an Asian myself, you know, proximity, which makes it easier for me to relate with stuff related to it.

That’s why at Words of Happinest, you will read about the Asian films that touched my heart or made me laugh and appreciate the entertainment industry more.


(Previously posted at my unfinished Project 365:

Books not only enrich our vocabulary, but also take us to places we’ve never been and let us experience things that we haven’t yet; all while we’re quietly reading and sitting on a chair. Not to mention they’re also a great company. Aren’t they amazing?

With that, reviews of the literary works that have unselfishly gave me vicarious experiences will be placed in this blog as a celebration of their impact in my life.


They tickle our palates with various tastes and make our tummies sated. Everybody loves food!

At Words of Happinest, join me in savoring each word of my reviews about the cuisines that I have tasted. And soon, I will also be writing about the pasta I have learned to cook!

God’s News

Can one be truly happy without God in their lives? I don’t think so. I, myself, have experienced having a life filled with invisible darkness when I had been almost intentionally ignoring Him and I had to feel extreme confusion and pain before I realized what I had been missing. So now I am back to serve and praise Him wholeheartedly.

Here at Words of Happinest, I will be sharing what Word for the World Christian Fellowship, Makati City, PHL is feeding my soul and spirit every Sunday. All the Bible passages here are in the New King James Version.


I love events and activities! They make me look forward to every passing day with so much anticipation.

With that, events and activities I participate in will be featured here at Words of Happinest.

Health & Wellness

Anger, fear, and stress, among others are known to affect different organs of the body in a negative way. That’s why happiness is an essential ingredient to achieving a good health.

Also, a sound health means you are well not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. So you mustn’t only look good, but also feel good! In this blog, I am imparting to you anything I learn that has something to do with keeping yourself healthy in all aspects of life.


Words are majestic. They have the power to inspire, stir our emotions, and amuse our imaginations. That’s why I always relish every moment in my more-than-a-decade’s worth of doing acrobatics in the world of words.

In this blog, you will read some of my efforts in joining the creative world of literature and I hope you’ll like them. They may not have the best combination of words, but they do come from my heart. I will appreciate any comments and suggestions about them.

Project Cocina de Camilla


Clow Cards

Like inseparable twins, one will always complement the other. (Previously posted at my unfinished Project 365:

An excerpt from Madeleine L’Engle’s A Ring of Endless Light goes, “Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”

So I’ll make it a point to add sadness to Words of Happinest once in a while to remind us that the real world isn’t only about smiles and laughs, ’cause it requires some tears and sad faces, too, for us to realize the magnificence of good times.


In times when you’re feeling so low that it seems that only the negative comes your way, retail therapy may be just right for you!

At Words of Happinest, I will be reviewing interesting shops that are new to my eyes and great products or services that may also interest you and help improve your mood.

The Metropolis

Manila was recently named the worst in terms of Location Branding according to the report published by Public Affairs Asia and Ogilvy Public Relations. Numbers don’t lie, but I’d like to think that Manila is more than just the digits in any surveys.

As a full-blooded Filipino city girl, I will let you see in this blog the beauty and worth not just of Manila, but the whole Metro Manila as well.

Tiny Babbles

Possessing impeccable interpersonal skills is great, but coupling it up with equally perfect intrapersonal skills is bombastic for it is also important that we are able to deal with situations the right way.

With that, I am making this blog an extension of my psyche. Read on and witness how I develop and how far I’ve already gone with my intrapersonal skills.


My ultimate dream is to travel the world! I love to see other places in person and immerse myself in other countries’ cultures. But since I’m not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and my salary is enough for a few luxuries, savings, and everyday living, I get to travel outside the Philippines only once a year.

Words of Happinest will contain my explorations and experiences outside the metro and occasionally, outside the country.

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  1. Rarely do I find blogger who write about God and their faith. I’m happy to find a fellow blogger who is not ashamed of sharing Jesus to the world.
    Keep blogging and God bless you! ^^*

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