Camille Nazareth

Camille Nazareth is the author of Words of Happinest (WoH). She always smiles and laughs, and most of the time thinks that those are her only good contributions to the world.  One person even told her before that she is one-dimensional but it didn’t bother her at all.  She thinks that being contented with whatever that is served to her, as long as it doesn’t give her too much negativity, is the key to happiness, which is everybody’s goal.

Camille Nazareth loves words in general–that’s why she’s so much into reading and writing, took two writing college courses, then jumped from one writing profession to another until just recently when she decided to be a researcher–but above all, she adores puns. There’s just too much creativity and wit in it that she can’t help but admire.

With that, Camille Nazareth thought of using pun in her blog title. So after some pondering and desperate tries to be clever, she finally chose Happinest—that’s happiness inserted with the word nest. It implies that her blog is going to be a place where happiness, that which she believes is anything under the sun, will reside.

Hope you’ll enjoy your visit at Words of Happinest! 🙂


Header Image Credits:

Abigail Lucas

me 😛

Ms April Ramos

Jan Meynard Nualla

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